Monster Hunter Tri Review

There was never a game on Wii that managed to keep my interest besides first party titles such as Mario or Zelda. For reasons unknown to North Americans, the Monster Hunter series was a huge success in Japan. With my Wii only being played when Nintendo titles would come out, Monster Hunter Tri seemed like it could break that cycle, making my purchase of a Wii feel justifiable. With so many great titles on other platforms this spring, is it worth dropping $60 for Monster Hunter Tri, or should you take the safe route and buy something else?

Halo Reach Beta Impressions

Since people on Twitter are so generous, I managed to snag a Halo Reach Beta code and I could not wait to start playing it. Compared to Halo 3, the character customization provides a lot more variety to personalize your character. There are some things that I wish they expanded on such as the color variations for your armor, but it’s still very early in development so more can be added.

Nintendo's Online Service

Playing my Nintendo Wii for consecutive days is something that I don’t do often, only because there hasn’t been a good enough reason for flailing my arms around. Picking up Monster Hunter Tri initially seemed more like an excuse to justify my purchase of a Wii, but I was caught off guard about how fun it was playing online with a friend.

Heavy Rain Review

When we first saw Heavy Rain last year, it was easy to criticize since the core gameplay mechanics were only quick-time button events. Common jokes or descriptions being thrown around consisted of things like: “it’s just interactive movie”, or “I can’t wait for Heavy Rain the game to come out”. With the confirmation of no prequels or sequels to Heavy Rain, can this standalone title start a new genre of games?

Now Playing: Monster Hunter Tri

I never intended to pick up Monster Hunter Tri, but with the name being brought up throughout the week at odd places and my huge curiosity for why Japan loves this game, I figured I should take the chance and see what the big deal was.

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