Sony E3 2010 Predictions

My favourite part about June is counting down the days until the start of E3, which is always exciting to watch especially when you skip school with a friend, just to experience the press conferences live. This year is just so happens that I have exams on the same days as the press conferences, but fortunately the E3 conferences begin after the exam time.

Since I always have expectations and predictions for what is going to be featured at each press conference, it seemed suitable to write down my predictions and see how accurate the results are. Tackling one conference at a time, I’ll begin with my Sony predictions which mostly end with the number two.

Now Playing: Mario Galaxy 2

To be honest, all I knew about Mario Galaxy 2 was that it was coming out sometime this year. When I found out that it was going to be on store shelves this May, I was both excited and sad because there are so many great titles out this month, such as Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake.

Will the EA Sports Online Pass work?

The one thing that publishers have tried to combat for many years is the used video game market, but each of their attempts proved ineffective. Electronic Arts has recently revealed that all new EA Sports games will include an EA Online Pass which would allow that person to play online, to hopefully prevent consumers from buying used games.

Monster Hunter Tri Review

There was never a game on Wii that managed to keep my interest besides first party titles such as Mario or Zelda. For reasons unknown to North Americans, the Monster Hunter series was a huge success in Japan. With my Wii only being played when Nintendo titles would come out, Monster Hunter Tri seemed like it could break that cycle, making my purchase of a Wii feel justifiable. With so many great titles on other platforms this spring, is it worth dropping $60 for Monster Hunter Tri, or should you take the safe route and buy something else?

Halo Reach Beta Impressions

Since people on Twitter are so generous, I managed to snag a Halo Reach Beta code and I could not wait to start playing it. Compared to Halo 3, the character customization provides a lot more variety to personalize your character. There are some things that I wish they expanded on such as the color variations for your armor, but it’s still very early in development so more can be added.

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