Lagging Behind: BioShock 2

"Lagging Behind" is going to be my final thoughts on a game that I haven't got around to playing. For the game to qualify for this segment, It has to have been available to the public for at least 6 months.

BioShock’s story ended with a dead end, and the only direction it could go was back -- which was why BioShock 2 didn’t seem like a good idea. You play as a prototype Big Daddy and frankly, it doesn’t feel like you are one at all. Compared to the main character Jack in BioShock 1, you don’t feel tougher. When you hear those slow and heavy footsteps, you still shake in your boots. Your boots that happen to be part of a Big Daddy suit, which doesn’t mean shit because you still get your ass handed to you.

Mario Galaxy 2 Review

I wasn’t going to buy Mario Galaxy 2 because of the recent influx of good games, but after seeing the 98 Metacritic average and an ad in the Best Buy flyer for a Mario keychain with the purchase of the game, how could I wait. Mario Galaxy 1 was refreshing with its approach to platforming, utilizing the concept of gravity, and the gravitational pull of planets. Though the difficulty was a bit on the easy side, it was definitely addressed along with other things, which makes Mario Galaxy 2 a must own.

Medal of Honor Beta Impressions

It seems that a lot of developers envy the success of the Call of Duty franchise, so they end up producing games that are very similar and have their own flavor to it. The developer DICE (the guys behind the Battlefield series) is making the Medal of Honor multiplayer which seems much directed towards the Call of Duty audience.

Now Playing: Shadow Complex

During the week of E3, Shadow Complex along with other XBLA titles was half off their original price, which was more than enough of a reason to spend some Microsoft points. Shadow Complex was unanimously described as an excellent game for its value, so I was interested in playing through it to see if I would agree with that statement.

Why Should I Buy Kinect?

When I first saw Kinect at last year’s E3, I decided to at least give it a chance since it was taking the controller free approach to gaming. People speculated that while using your existing Xbox controllers, additional movements like grenade throwing could happen by moving your arm towards the screen.

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