5 Things Halo: Reach needs to do

Halo: Reach is done, Bungie said its gone gold and now they are focusing on their next project. Halo: Reach is a little over a month away and I have compiled 5 things that I feel would make the experience a lot better.

Why MMORPGs can't be on Consoles

One of the genres that have not seen a push to be hugely successful on consoles is the massively multiplayer online role playing genre. There are games such as Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XI that continue to have a consistent online console community, but the audience hasn’t expanded to the numbers of Call of Duty or Halo. Though it might seem simple to capitalize on the lack of persistent MMORPGs, there are factors that prevent it from being successful such as console subscriptions, limited functionality of controllers and lengths of console cycles. Unless developers find a way to maneuver around these factors, the only way to experience an MMORPG at its best is to do it in front of a computer screen.

Kane and Lynch 2 Demo Impressions

I’m not too familiar with the Kane and Lynch series, so Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days wasn’t something that I would pay much attention to. After downloading the Kane and Lynch 2 demo yesterday for no real reason, I was surprised by how unique the game looked.

Kinect $150 - Still Not Buying it

After numerous rumours, retail price listings and speculation, Microsoft officially announced that Kinect will be sold for $150 and will include the game Kinect Adventures, or a console  bundle that includes 4GB of storage and Kinect for $300. This price does not come as a surprise since most major retailers such as Amazon and GameStop initially listed Kinect  for $150, though the actually reality of that price seems too steep.

Tutorials Need to be in Fighters

One of the hardest video game genres for beginners to enjoy is fighters because of the complexity of the stick rotations and the button combinations, which is why most people tend to stay away from them. What had always been missing in fighting games was some type of tutorial to help newcomers develop and understanding of the basics, and then more advanced techniques introduced as they progress.

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