Review: Halo: Reach

We have reached the time where Halo: Reach is going to be the last Halo game developed by Bungie studios, marking the end of exclusive Bungie titles for the Xbox 360. Instead of playing the through the eyes of the iconic Master Chief, you will play as the faceless Noble 6 during the fall of Reach, events that lead up to the start of Halo: Combat Evolved. After 4 Halo games Bungie has put everything that you could possibly want into a multiplayer game, especially for those Halo fans that don’t plan on playing anything else for a very long time.

Customization is what Brink is all about

Everyone has played a multiplayer shooter where that one guy managed to keep you in the respawn queue more times than you could tolerate, and the only way you would distinguish him from his other teammates was through his characters name. Since most games have generic character models associated with every player, Brink has decided to bring personality to each player with their multi layered character customization tools.

Duke Nukem is Coming, and no one cares

This weekend at PAX Seattle, Gearbox Software announced that they have picked up Duke Nukem Forever and will release it sometime next year. Duke Nukem Forever was first announced 13 years ago to follow the release of Duke Nukem 3D in 1996, but due to countless problems it never happened.

If you’re one of those handfuls of people that have been waiting 13 years to finally play this game, then this is great news. But aside from that handful, most gamers haven’t even heard of Duke Nukem, and don’t intend to learn more about it. I don’t blame the community for giving up on the sequel, and unfortunately this final attempt to push it out is a little too late.

Review: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the least appealing genres in North America is the Japanese RPG, because of the turn based battles systems and Japanese influenced art style. Final Fantasy XIII aims to bring more accessibility to the genre, still catering to the JRPG enthusiasts. Final Fantasy XIII succeeds in trying to be a modern RPG, but unfortunately its poor structure makes great moments a boring repetitive grind.

My Experience with the Japanese RPG genre

I haven’t played many Japanese RPG’s, so it has been a genre that I have been interested in but never knew where to start. After finally getting my feet wet in games like Last Remnant, Demon’s Souls, Eternal Sonata and Final Fantasy XIII (which is what I’m currently playing), I have created a general description for my experiences with these games.

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