Review: Borderlands 2 - A Vault not worth hunting

I believed if I collected enough junk shields and single shell shotguns that I eventually wouldn't be so bored with Borderlands 2. Only about an hour in, scepticism to whether I would even finish, let alone begin a second playthrough, already began to develop. All the positive and glowing feedback said up until and after the release, made me question whether or not I failed to see the brilliance. But I know of that brilliance - I dumped over 50 hours into the first Borderlands and all of its DLC. After 25 levels as a Siren, the unsettling familiarity and the unsatisfying reward for the patience the progression requires ruined any desire to ever play more Borderlands

My visits to New Mombasa

For some, on a DVD rack somewhere, rests a movie they will re-watch. On a shelf somewhere, rests a book they will reread. On a disc or cartridge somewhere, rests a game they will re-play. For a piece of media to captivate someone much to warrant multiple revisits, must do something that never becomes stale.

Until last year, I never owned that kind of game, and I would suspect that its occurrence remains a rare occasion. Every year or so, usually during the colder seasons, I re-play Halo 3: ODST.

Halo 3: ODST never struck me as a game I would occasionally revisit, especially since I never owned a copy of the game until recently. But something about that soundtrack just sounds perfect to my ears. For a while I thought the soundtrack represented the only reason for my revisits, yet listening to it alone does not satisfy.

Review: Fez - Plus minus

How could you not be immediately impressed with a game developed by 2 people? The time spent, money invested and sacrifices made in order to complete a video game, prove the difficulty in developing a successful one.

I often wonder about the indie development process and the reasoning for the implementation of certain mechanics, or the inclusion of a specific level. But once I stop thinking about the process, the size of the development team no longer matters - I am equally critical for each game. After playing through Fez twice already, the end game, the secrets accessible through the New Game + option, will only leave those who willingly invest their patience and time ultimately satisfied.

Clear the backlog. Appease the guilt.

Beside you there might be a towering pile of both physical and digital games still unplayed. This pile, at least mine does, stares at me and laughs at my weakness for a great Steam Deal. It then laughs even harder around September when school begins. With the Fall to Spring season long bombardment of great titles approaching, the pile of games known as Mr. Backlog, rubs its plastic belly and cackles at the opportunity to gather more recruits for its plan to devour my morale.

Mr. Backlog kills my excitement for the newest and highly anticipated games - even those I know I will thoroughly enjoy. I miss days of actually having nothing to play. And I don't mean games you don't feel like playing, I mean nothing at all. I miss anticipating the release of a new game, or even to a lesser extent, just being excited to buy one.

Review: 3DS XL - Size matters

Handheld gaming has always been a problem for me as I could never successfully find a comfortable position to play in. To use such small devices naturally means that you will either have to hold it up to your face, or require you to hunch over to get a decent view of the screen. Whenever I played my Nintendo DS, I often shifted positions from sitting in a chair, lying on my back, side or stomach. The PSP, although I don't own one, provided a larger viewing area for playing, but I was not interested in games that replicated a console experience. Nintendo's evolution of their glasses free 3D handheld, the 3DS XL, is a device that is perfect for supplementing larger experiences on consoles or PC, all the while proving to be comfortable to play. As long as there is a legitimate reason for why you want to own the 3DS XL, the growing software library and excellent hardware design will counteract any shortcomings or gimmicks that are quickly apparent.

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