Review - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

Releasing a new IP in the holiday season which is dominated by sequels can really diminish the possible sales of a game. With confidence, Ninja Theory is releasing their game this holiday season in hopes of being that hidden gem consumers discover. Enslaved is a game that focuses a lot of attention towards the story and its characters, and it shows. The motion captured cut scenes and dialog are fantastic, though the combat and traversal of this beautiful post apocalyptic world doesn’t exceed past ordinary.

Review: Borderlands New Revolution

Gearbox Software is one of the few development teams who understand how to create a single player DLC, without forcing you to spend more than $10. Claptrap’s New Revolution DLC is the fourth and final piece of content to be released, and it comes to us almost a year after Borderlands originally launched. After a short run through New Revolution, you will be begin to question if this fourth DLC should even exist.

Review: Final Fantasy XIII

One of the least appealing genres in North America is the Japanese RPG, because of the turn based battles systems and Japanese influenced art style. Final Fantasy XIII aims to bring more accessibility to the genre, still catering to the JRPG enthusiasts. Final Fantasy XIII succeeds in trying to be a modern RPG, but unfortunately its poor structure makes great moments a boring repetitive grind.

Review: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

The idea of downloadable content is still being experimented with because more often than not, consumers don’t feel like they’re receiving enough content for their money. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is the third DLC for Borderlands, and I think Gearbox Software understands what the consumer wants -- a healthy amount of game content for around $10.

Heavy Rain Review

When we first saw Heavy Rain last year, it was easy to criticize since the core gameplay mechanics were only quick-time button events. Common jokes or descriptions being thrown around consisted of things like: “it’s just interactive movie”, or “I can’t wait for Heavy Rain the game to come out”. With the confirmation of no prequels or sequels to Heavy Rain, can this standalone title start a new genre of games?

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