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I can't remember the last time I booted up The Witcher 2. What I can remember is starting Chapter 2, and soon after, quitting during a large battle which didn't really make any sense to why it was happening anyway. I quit because at that point, I could no longer keep my eyes open, eyelids heavier beyond my control. I was so bored and The Witcher 2 was putting me to sleep. After maybe 10 or so hours of time invested, which in reality felt considerably longer than that, I haven't gone back since. If it wasn't for the critical acclaim and positive reception that it received since launch, I would never have made it that far. For a game that was often mentioned during game of the year discussions, nothing that I've seen so far - besides the presentation - reflects that at all.

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It has been a while since I have written something. This is partly due to my laziness, but I'll blame my broken computer instead. If I really tried to put something together, I probably could have written a few paragraphs on Skyrim, as it sucks up most of my leisurely time. So with a broken computer and a week off from a school, I thought I'd take advantage this opportunity of and try to trim Skyrim down to a respectable length. Of course, this did not happen.

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If I was going to play Fallout: New Vegas, I was going to have to do it now. When speaking of just overall performance and graphical output, Skyrim – a game I have yet to play - is far superior to the brown, buggy and sluggish performance of both Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas. I imagine the transition from Skyrim to New Vegas being the equivalent of sleeping on a mattress, to sleeping a solid wood floor.

While being completely aware of the situation, I somewhat forcefully adventured, again, through the post apocalyptic wastelands of the Fallout universe.  Although I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the wasteland the first time around, the reality of the Vaults and the desolation between cities has settled in firmly, leaving me comfortable with my surroundings, not foreign like in Fallout 3. My curiosity still overpowers me when passing by an unexplored, vacant neighborhood of houses. The idea of what treasures could be hidden away is more than enough incentive to steer me away from my main goal.

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I haven’t written something in a while, probably because I was slacking, but let’s shift blame towards a lot of writing assignments in school. In my free time I am continuing to play some games, most notably Fallout 3 and Split/Second. There is a feature I want to write relating to Fallout 3, which just happens to be one of the assignments I’m planning to hand in as the due date approaches. Since I’ve finished Fallout 3, I’ve been playing Split/Second, a game part of a genre I usually pay very little attention to. There was a multiplayer demo released a few months back, and I remembered how much I enjoyed it which leads to my purchase of it during a 15% off sale at Best Buy.

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By chance, Best Buy dropped the price of Tomb Raider Underworld to $9.99, and information about a Tomb Raider reboot was revealed in an upcoming January edition of Game Informer on the same day. This provided a perfect opportunity to see what the Tomb Raider franchise is about, so I wouldn’t feel left out of the group if the reboot is a huge success.

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