The Last Two Weeks

I hate making excuses for why I haven’t written something in a while, I probably could have put something together, but I chose not to. I haven’t really been playing anything, so I can’t blame it on the amount of games I have been playing, though I can blame it on the amount of assignments I have been getting the last two weeks, and it’s starting to get annoying considering they are assignments for the class I least care about.

During those two weeks, I bought Minecraft for really only two reasons; first, I was bored, and second, I wanted to see why everyone was praising it so much. I was mad when I purchased it, they felt like they would tell me the 15 price point was in pounds not dollars during the checkout, which ended up being a total of 20 dollars not the 15 dollars I was led to believe. After starting multiple worlds because I kept falling in lava and losing all of the diamonds I just mined, I had no really interest in going back. I had some fun making my house with the glass ceiling and making a tunnel straight into the ground, which then shot out the side of the mountain acting as an escape route. I enjoyed the time I spent playing with it, however it never justified that $20 price point.

There's Nothing to Play

There are only some many iPhone games I can play to keep me distracted from the lack of any big titles releasing during the second quarter of the year. I’ve been playing a lot of Black Ops lately, but only for about an hour at a time. Something always happens and it’s strange; I’ll finish a match and then a completely unexpected feeling of boredom overwhelms me. Almost instantaneous, I have to shut off the console like it was about to explode if I didn’t.

The Removal of Review Scores

I’ve been thinking a lot this week, mainly about the 8-10 page essay I have due sometime in May, and about finishing the Dragon Age 2 review that I have started. I’ll be walking to school or glazing over my Economics text book, formulating sentences and thoughts in my head about what I want to say in the review. They seem like great points, though they never evolved into actual text which disappoints me, since whenever I tried to recreate them, they feel different.

The Great American Wasteland

People often mistaken and open-ended world - with land that stretches for miles - as a world that is lively, and then the game is praised for having such an immersive feeling, when it actually doesn’t. Then you look at a game such as Fallout 3, which is set in a different time in a place that was familiar until the events of the apocalypse, but it feels strangely comfortable to be in.

Fallout 3’s world is a wasteland, deserts never seem to end and humanity is difficult to come across. You witness the survival both below and above ground, and only those who are willing to fight against the radioactive threats, are those that continue to live. The radioactive monsters that was at first freighting, slowly becomes a common sight and just a minor inconvenience that prolonged me from reaching my destination. I have come a long way from vault dwelling, and as my character becomes stronger and more experienced, I feel his improvements in myself as I progress. 

The PC and Console Gap

GDC has passed but has not left us without a few great trailers and previews, to feed our anticipation for the upcoming games of 2011. While one of them were leaked, the trailers that got me most excited belonged to Battlefield 3, mainly credited to the outstanding visuals. Based on the console life of past generations of hardware, we would have already seen what current three console producers had to offer to the consumer market. Based on what I see in forums and what I hear people discuss, the consensus seems to be that no one is ready for another cycle, something that I also was a firm believer in until I saw these amazing trailers.

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