Changing Mass Effect 3's ending - Part 1

This article does not contain spoilers about the Mass Effect series.

Never in a fit of rage have I jumped into a car a drove to a local Best Buy to buy a game. Well first, I wasn't legally able to drive for the first three quarters of my life, and second, no developer in recent memory has ever succumbed to the criticism of its story ending. As a player, what the hell do I know? Sure I criticize games, but developers each have a creative vision, and there are reasons for why they have made the choices they did. As the week progressed, petitions were formed and complaints to the FTC were filed in regards to the ending, and I had hoped dearly that BioWare would not buckle under the pressure. But then news spread quickly that a new ending was in the works to address the complaints many people had.  

Assassin's Creed, annual releases and loss of interest

Annual releases never sat well with me. With so many great games to choose from these days, I’ve learned to cherish franchises that have 2-3 year breaks between sequels. Some sequels however become really popular, and when games are popular, there is plenty of money to be made. When a developer starts to release a game every year, it feels as if my dedication is being exploited, as if my pockets were being emptied because they know I’ll grudgingly do so.

Assassin’s Creed, a franchise I’ve committed to, has eliminated any remaining desire to ever play another Assassin’s Creed game. Brotherhood was supposed to be the end of Ezio’s story; yet again we play as grandpa Ezio in Revelations, who is strangely as nimble as he was in his prime. Also making his return is Altair, which for some reason Ubisoft thought was a good idea. How is it that a character we have not seen for two games now has become instantly relevant again? Instead of Revelations bridging together the story that really doesn’t need mending, it immediately feels as if Ubisoft needed to release something at the end of the 2011 year to improve their fiscal numbers.  

My resistance to play Skyrim


I was sitting in my Monday morning 10:30 lecture, wondering why I even bothered to show up when the professor just reads off the lecture notes she posts online anyways. So to distract myself from looking at my watch every 10 seconds, I looked around the room out of curiosity. And of course, to the left of me about 5 rows down, this guy was playing Skyrim on his laptop, shooting arrows at armored covered skeletons he encountered while exploring a cave or ruin. Then I began to think, is Skyrim really that good? Am I making a huge mistake by not jumping at the chance to explore the mountainous terrain of Skyrim? These last few days as I play Zelda: Skyward Sword, the probability of that mistake is falling more and more in favor of Skyrim.

The Consequences of the Battlefield 3 beta

Battlefield 3's a huge title this winter holiday, and for EA focus marketing on the small PC community where piracy has increasignly become a problem for developers, isn't the best approach when the goal is to sell copies reaching seven figures. However, their choice to keep absolutely quiet about the console versions almost as if they didn’t even exist, to focus on the outstanding visuals Battlefield 3 offers on PC, has created an enormous amount of hype that cannot possibly be satisfied.

The biggest mistake EA has made thus far was releasing the Battlefield 3 beta to the public, allowing players to finally have an actual taste of the game they have been fantasizing about for months.

The games of Fan Expo 2011


The Playstation Vita was largely advertised in the gaming sections for Fan Expo 2011 in Toronto, it would end up being one of the more motivating factors to attend the show. According to the volunteer at the Uncharted 3 booth, the guy who was supposed to bring it from the U.S cancelled last minute and never arrived at the show. So with the showcase I looked forward to the most no longer a factor, I looked towards the small selection of games to ease my disappointment. Amongst the lineup of titles like Batman Arkham City, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Gears of War 3, Halo Anniversary, Resistance 3 and Starfox 3DS, the one game I oddly enjoyed the most was Rayman Origins.

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