Halo Championship Series Pro League - Week 6 Day 2 Recap

OpTic Gaming vs. Allegiance | OpTic wins 3-1

While Allegiance works to climb out of relegation, technical issues don’t help. Falcated misses the entire series while he works to resolve his console malfunction. Rammy, coming off the free-for-all win, fills in to take on OpTic Gaming. Rammy proved himself a capable player by substituting for teams like OpTic in the HCS Pro League, but the lack of team practice handicaps Allegiance.

Whether it’s the player substitution or OpTic’s coordination, Allegiance starts Plaza – Strongholds flat footed. OpTic ends the game in a flash, controlling the bottom mid stronghold point for a 100-10 win. Plaza – Slayer ends better for Allegiance when Contra leads his team to a comfortable 50-35 win.

After the back-to-back Plaza games, OpTic exploits the substituted Allegiance squad with two quick objective victories. Falcated never resolves his Xbox One problems, but the result matches the disappointing season for Allegiance. OpTic takes the series 3-1.

Halo Championship Series Pro League - Week 6 Day 1 Recap

LOL vs. Allegiance | LOL wins 3-2

You can sum up Allegiance’s entire season with their series against LOL. Allegiance win two games to start day one of week, but LOL regroups and ties it. Neither team feels comfortable. Both LOL and Allegiance need a win to avoid relegation, while neither team wants to blow game five.

So far this season, Allegiance has played in five game-fives. Out of all those games, they have only escaped with one series victory. On Rig – Slayer, Ace, wielding a sniper rifle under the cloak of the Camouflage, pushes the barrel side where PreDevoNatoR hides. No one on Allegiance spots Ace, and PreDevonNatoR’s death triggers an entire team wipe. LOL bounces lethal Plasma Caster shots to push back inside and they extend their lead, 29-19. LOL rides Eco’s economic 17-9 performance and take the Slayer, 50-27. Fulfilling their Fall Season destiny, Allegiance blows game five and LOL completes the reverse sweep 3-2.

Halo Championship Series Pro League - Week 5 Day 2 Recap

Allegiance started week five of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League with a reverse sweep on Evil Geniuses (EG). The loss intensified EG’s spiral into relegation as Enigma 6 (E6) leaped past them. The day two matchup between E6 and EG means a lot for both teams, as Luminosity Gaming and Team Liquid pull further away. While the top two teams look secure, the bottom half of the HCS Pro league shuffles with each series.


Allegiance vs. Team Liquid | Liquid wins 3-1

Allegiance start the second day of the HCS Pro League like they ended day one. Rig – Strongholds ends in a few minutes as Contra goes on a Killing Frenzy. An Allegiance triple stronghold capture prevents Team Liquid from ever slowing the game’s pace. After a 93-point run, Liquid tallies a couple of points, but they fail to hold the setup. Allegiance takes game one 100-16.

Liquid regroups and wins the next two games, then replicates the destructive Allegiance Strongholds performance on Eden. Liquid out-slays Allegiance members and wins 100-4. Str8 SicK hits double digit kills as the rest of the combined kills on Allegiance fall under 10.

Halo Championship Series Pro League - Week 5 Day 1 Recap

As week five of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League begins, the standings remain unclear. Although OpTic Gaming and Team EnVyUs (nV) hold tight to their first and second seeds, remaining teams fight for higher positions. Three teams with 3-5 records hope to snatch the last two spots in the HCS Fall Season finals, while also avoiding relegation.

LOL cooled after climbing from the depths of the standings, but week five saw no improvement for them. Evil Geniuses (EG) hopes to rebound, yet they too struggle to end their losing streak since replacing Victory X.


LOL vs. Luminosity Gaming | Luminosity wins 3-0

APG’s standout performances helped LOL to a 3-5 record after a distracting start to the HCS Pro League. Although LOL recovered from Maniac’s retirement and the loss of their eSports organization, Luminosity Gaming overmatched them in week five.

LOL stumbles into game one Fathom – Capture the Flag (CTF), giving up two early points. Naded picks off LOL with the Railgun and controls the game for Luminosity. With Luminosity leading 2-0, a player disconnect forces a match restart. LOL capitalizes on the reset, using their second chance to regain map control and secure their first flag. Since CTF resets retain the scores of previous matches, Luminosity answers back with one more capture to win the game. The rest of the series ends how it starts, and Luminosity wins 3-0.


Halo Championship Series Pro League - Week 4 Day 2 Recap

The roster tweaks pay off for teams like LOL and Luminosity Gaming in week four of the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Pro League, but not for Evil Geniuses (EG) and Allegiance. Day two competition does no favours for struggling teams as LOL surges through the standings in hopes of a top four spot.


Allegiance vs. Luminosity Gaming | Luminosity wins 3-0

Poor play from Allegiance continues on day two as Luminosity Gaming sweeps without much resistance. In game two Regret – Slayer, Luminosity and Allegiance trade kills up until the 25-kill mark. What looks like a close game slips away from Allegiance when the team wipes seconds before the Overshield respawns. Once Luminosity grabs the Overshield, the lead expands and they win the game 50-39.


Team EnVyUs vs. LOL | EnVyUs wins 3-2

The match of the week goes five games between two hot teams, but Team EnVyUs (nV) escapes with the series. LOL heads into Empire – Strongholds down 1-2 in the series, nV leading 89-26 in the game. While the game looks over, LOL snatches the pit stronghold to stop nV’s run. An extended capture of all three strongholds shrinks nV’s lead. With Overshield respawning late and their lead gone, nV leaves the power-up to push for the pit. Three stack bottom middle stronghold, but nV fails to kill the defenders in time. LOL steals a victory late, taking the game 100-93.

Much like Luminosity vs. OpTic Gaming on day one, game five Rig – Slayer sinks LOL. Kills stall at 26, but Snip3down grabs the Camouflage and shotgun to start a run for nV. Following the Camouflage run, NV finds both the sniper rifle and Plasma Caster to close out the game at 50-40.

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